Little Shop of Horrors Costumery: Potions Class

6/1 Watt rd.
Mornington, Vic

Down in Mornington, tucked away, is a secret entrance to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ordinary muggles might, at first glance, mistake this for a costume shop, but those who possess magically abilities can walk into the Room of Requirement and find that they have been transported right into a Hogwarts classroom!


My four year old niece and I both have the makings of witches, so when we walked into the Room of Requirement we found Professor McGonagall, ready to teach us how to be a potions master.


The potions classroom was well decked out; with spell books, potions ingredients, some school notices from Dolores Umbridge (boo!) and other items often found within the magical Hogwarts world.


The students were given a few options of which potion to make, and overwhelmingly as a group went for Felix Felicis, commonly known as Liquid Luck.  One by one the students had to collect their ingredients, master the art of crushing, stirring, and sprinkling but most importantly they had to correctly learn how to perform the potion masters swirl. If the pupils were unable to follow instructions exactly, their potion might have unforseen consequences or lack magical properties altogether (my niece was actually petrified she might accidentally turn herself invisible…but don’t worry, she didn’t).


After slugs, mermaid scales, unicorn poo, fairy dust and many other secret ingredients were added to each pupil’s potion it was time to write a magical spell…one that would make your potion come to life. As the student’s said their magical spell, their potions began to change…..


With the liquid luck batch freshly made each student bottled it up to take home, to be kept safe in a sock draw or in someone’s left shoe until required.

IMG_8096 (2)

We had a wonderful, magical time at Hogwarts so then it was time to say goodbye to the class and head back out into The Little Shop of Horrors Costumery, until our next magical adventure.


Information for parent muggles.

  • Class best suited for age 4-5 and up. Parents can stay to assist, but ideally will sit back and let the kids get to work. The classroom isn’t super big so can’t accommodate too many non-magical people.
  • Hogwarts have classes in Potions, Wand Making and Mandrake Potting.
  • Each class is 45minutes long, costing $35. They run on weekends and School Holidays
  • Adults only (mixology) potions classes coming soon…
  • For more information about upcoming classes click here.


Before you head home allow yourself the time to really explore The Little Shop of Horrors Costumery. It is full of Harry Potter trinkets, awesome costumes, funky shoes, and was just an absolute blast to wander through. It is easily the biggest costume shop I have ever seen, and I eagerly await my next costume party so we can come down and visit again.

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Handy adventure tip: The Little Shop of Horrors Costumery is right next door to the Messy Shed. So if you have big kids and little kids, drop the big kids off to Hogwarts, and go over and enjoy the play centre next door.


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