Travelling with Trunki

Sometimes we adventure just for the coffee, but other times we enjoy weekends away or even holidays! Years ago (long before becoming a parent) I discovered Trunki luggage. I instantly fell in love with the concept and cuteness of this childrens’ travel trunk, and knew one day I would own it…well at least my kids would. I liked it so much that when my husband and I got married overseas in California a few years ago, we got all six of our nieces and nephews Trunkis for their Christmas presents the year before the wedding!

1.Cat-hello-RGB_1024x1024If you haven’t heard of a Trunki before, they are a child’s suitcase with a few extra features to make them super kid friendly. You pack it, ride it, and tow it. They even come with free stickers to help customize!

When we first got one for Missy Moo (just before she turned two), I thought that the main novelty for her would be riding it on her own. I imagined me waltzing through the airport, luggage in one hand, coffee in the other while she scooted along beside me. She did enjoy that, but inevitably would decide to go the wrong direction, or go backwards. For us, towing the Trunki was a god send.

We towed that Trunki all the way through Melbourne airport, on the travelators, while window shopping and then all the way to the terminal. We had checked our pram so the Trunki was essential in getting her from A to B without needing us to carry her. Hooray.

Tiny video of airport scooting…..

What that little Trunki diagram above doesn’t show, is how much kids actually enjoy pulling it along themselves, which was also really helpful in getting about. Missy Moo has a Zimba the Zebra Trunki; but there are firetrucks, unicorns, cats, bees and even plain colours to choose from.

19349218_10154660441575983_81771138_o (2).jpg

There are no internal compartments really (just an elasticated side pocket), so when holidaying I tend to just let her pack whatever she wants in here, with her essentials in my carry on. I find this is just easier for how I like to pack, but see what works for you.

But obviously we aren’t jet setting all the time (I wish, lol)…. so does the Trunki get used at our house? Sure does!

We often go to grandma’s house to stay, to friend’s houses for a mum sleepover (so much fun), or sometimes she just likes to pack it up full of toys and go “on holiday” to another room in the house. Fine by me.

The Trunki is light enough for her to carry, and small enough to be the perfect size for hand luggage. See that green cap on the side? That’s lockable too, if you don’t want your child unpacking their entire suitcase mid flight!


It meets all standard hand luggage requirements as well, both in Australia and overseas, so you can ride it all the way to your seat.


So if you’re looking for some luggage for your child, whether just for overnight trips or a big round the world escape, seriously look into a Trunki. They are packed full of features, super cute, and so much fun. Oh…and they provide a bonus chair to sit on when you are waiting in massive customs queues….arghhh!


RRP for a Trunki is $79.95 for plain colours, or $89.95 for fun designs.

Want it cheaper?

  • Sign up to the newsletter at the Trunki Australia website to get 10% off your first order
  • Keep your eye out for specials… this Union Jack design is only $49.95!


We love ours and I’m sure you’ll love it too. For more info on Trunki head to their website or Facebook page

Or head over to Anyday Adventures on Facebook for your chance to win one!!


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This post is not sponsored in anyway, and the opinion here is mine alone. I genuinely love Trunkis and think they are a real asset to any family that loves to adventure!

2 thoughts on “Travelling with Trunki

  1. Great read Mel great info, will have to look in to these next time we travel. But ill probably have to buy 3 as they will all want one or fight over who is using it lol


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