Disney on Ice presents Frozen – a Review


Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to see Disney on Ice presents Frozen with my mum and my daughter, Missy Moo. We had all gone together in 2016 too, so mum was quick to snap up tickets when they went on sale for this year’s show….in fact she purchased them back in September last year! So you could say, perhaps, that we were a little excited.

What I didn’t realise until we got there was that mum had secured front row seats, go mum! So this is me…all excited, in my seat getting ready for the show to start.


If you’re unfamiliar with Disney on Ice shows, they are hosted by Mickey and Minnie, with a few appearances from many of your favourite Disney stars. For Missy Moo, although she is a massive Frozen fan, she equally loves The Lion King, Tangled and The Little Mermaid too (well this week anyway). It was just magical, and completely beautiful to see the look on her face as all her favourite heroes came out for a sing and dance. This song was a bit of a lead in to Frozen and was about how different duos can still be perfect together.

Here’s a little video I took…who can you spot?

So on with the show!

The entire story, every song, and the majority of the characters from the Frozen film are present throughout this ice spectacular. There are a few who are missing (eg. Anna and Elsa’s parents) but the storyline and dialogue is adjusted ever so slightly that, unless you had watched the film ten thousand times like I have, you would not even notice.

Anna and Elsa skate, sing and dance effortlessly throughout the kingdom of Arendelle; while being supported by the lovable Olaf, Kristoff and Sven. The costumes and sets were perfect….iconic enough to understand what was happening, but not too overpowering to detract from the talented performers strutting their stuff on the ice.


There’s a brief intermission throughout the show, which was great for a quick toilet stop and snack refuel. Keep an eye on your little Elsa though….as there are a few thousand toddler sized Elsas roaming the arena during intermission!

After the break the show continued until Elsa was able to bring back Summer (spoiler alert!), and concluded with Mickey, Minnie and all the favourite stars returning to the ice for one final number.

If you were in the front few sections, kids were welcome to come down nice and close to the ice and watch the skaters from the edge of the stage for the last ten minutes or so. All the stars were skating and waving, and the kids were in heaven!

I had such an amazing time at the show, but really we all did. I can’t wait to go again next year…regardless of the show’s theme.

Melbourne is having Disney on Ice presents Frozen come back for two final days on July 22nd and 23rd. I absolutely can’t say strongly enough how much you should go and see this show, especially if you have a little Frozen fan. It’s an easy 10/10 from me and I wish we were off to see it a second time.

If you want to book tickets… click here


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