Baby Bars…..a Tasty Review

I’ll be honest, I’m not a very good stay at home mum. I mean, I think I’m doing the mother part ok….but the housework and the cleaning, well…not so much. I wish I baked cookies every day, and mopped (ever!) but alas…I just don’t. I need tasks like cooking and cleaning to be fast and easy or else, to be honest, I simply find something else to do. Sad, but true.

Recently Sally from Baby Bars sent me a few of her Bake-at-Home mixes and I thought “Yep, this I can do”; easy baking! The Bake-at-Home Mixes are like a packet mix you might get at the supermarket, except they are healthy and packed full of organic ingredients without the nasties…so ideal for kids, and even better there’s no added sugar! Don’t let the title “Baby Bars” fool you though, my toddler and myself both think these are great. *I’ve eaten two whilst writing this post*

The bars come in four flavours to give yourself and your child a few different ones to choose from:

  • Muesli and Yoghurt
  • Banana, Date and Coconut
  • Apple, Coconut and Almond
  • Berry, Oat and Chia

Today we made Berry, Oat and Chia and Missy Moo loved it! She requested three slices of “cake”, and probably would have had more. They were super easy to make, and made minimal dishes…winning. All we needed from our own supplies was a banana, an egg and milk of my choice (full fat baby!).


Within the packet was the dry ingredients and the berries. Was very easy to navigate the blend, mix and make steps.


The label on the berries reads….

Our lovely organic dried fruit contains no sulphites or preservaitves. and therefore may be a darker colour than you’re used to seeing! Please be assured it’s normal and perfect to eat.

The first step called for a blender, and although we required one when making the Banana, Date and Coconut bars, this recipe I decided to skip it and save the dishes!

So I mashed up the banana with a fork, added the milk and egg, followed by the dry ingredients and the berries; was too easy. These packet mixes would be ideal for your Thermomix or Bellini too.


Then into the tray… it’s a pretty thick mix so it didn’t spread throughout my tray which was great.


Then a bit of baking in the oven and….. ta-da, delicious home cooking.


These will keep for two days freshly made, but I pop them straight into the freezer once chopped up into bars. I found they have been super handy to grab and go, and my daughter loves them, so that’s a win from me.

Baby Bars would like to give away a prize pack to one lucky adventurer so you can try them yourself.

The prize pack contains:
* 2 x Baby Bars Bake-at-Home Mixes of your choice
* Wiltshire non-stick baking tin
* Wiltshire silicone spatula
* Gorgeous flamingo print tea towel


To enter head over to the Anyday Adventures Facebook page for more details…

For more info about Baby Bars check them out on their website,  Facebook or Insta.


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I was gifted these delicious Baby Bars to try, but the opinions expressed here are my own. Mel

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