Myuna Farm

182 Kidds Rd,
Doveton Vic

We are so blessed to have heaps of zoos and farms throughout the city and suburbs of Melbourne; and Myuna Farm is a gem out in Doveton that is worth a visit. Myuna farm is a public community farm with lots to see and do throughout. We visited for about four hours, but with older (non napping) children you could easily stay longer.


The Good Bits….

Complimentary animal food.
So when you arrive you get a map and a free bag of pellet style animal food, which I thought was a nice touch.

Throughout the farm you can feed animals big and small, brush a baby goat, look for chicken eggs, or even pat a rabbit. There was a heap of ways to interact with all the animals throughout the farm.  There were baby cows and goats in their pens that you could go in and pat…but they were a little feisty for my daughter, so I braved it alone. The baby goats tried to eat my shoes and jumped a bit, but they were cute so it was worth it. Missy Moo preferred the tameness of the guinea pigs….there really is something for everyone.


The playground is right by the entrance so was our first stop for the day. Bonus points for building it next door to the coffee! The play area was great, and included a maze which was popular with older adventures. The coffee was quick and yum, so winning all round. You can check out the full café range here.


Heaps of baby animals at this time of year, and I imagine even more as we get into Spring. We got to see baby piglets, goats, cows, and my favourite…. a baby alpaca!!

IMG_7606 (2)

Mixture of animals.
So if you think of “farm animals” all those animals are hanging out at Myuna. But, there’s a few others you might not expect. You will see camels, snakes and kangaroos too, amongst many others. The farm provides a really good variety of animals throughout the grounds.

IMG_7572 (2)IMG_7583 (2)

The feed trail.
The feed trail was the highlight of our day with the kids loving hand feeding the kangaroos! They were gentle and eagerly ate the provided animal food (the kangaroos not the kids!). The kangaroos are in a fenced enclosure so you can’t get up too close for your kanga selfies….just so you know. Also look closely to see this joey paw hanging out of it’s mumma…cool hey?

IMG_7588.JPGTrain rides.
The train provides a scenic ride around the farm. It costs $3 per person and runs regularly throughout the day.

Pony rides.
Pony rides also cost $3 per person and were a popular choice with our kiddies. Missy Moo had her first farm ride at about 19 months old, so don’t be afraid to put your younger kids on too. They will probably love it!

IMG_7643 (2)

Areas for improvement.

The car park.
On weekends this car park is a little small to cater for the amount of visitors coming through the doors, but renos appear to be going on so perhaps this probably might be resolved in the future. Arrive early and you’ll be fine. Parking is free!

That’s it… no real issues otherwise.

So costs…
Singles $8, Concession $7.
Family (four people) $28, Concession family $22.50.
Children under 1 are FREE.
Train and pony rides $3 per ticket
Annual family membership $125 or $102.50 for City of Casey residents.

IMG_7579 (2)

Overall we had a really pleasant day out. The kids had fun, the mums had fun, and everyone had a good arvo nap! I’d give Myuna Farm an 8/10, and would suggest you check out it for a great farm/non farm animal mix. Pack your gumboots and you’ll be happy as a pig in mud!

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