Casey Central Shopping Centre Playground

Narre Warren – Cranbourne Rd & Littlecroft Ave,
Narre Warren Vic

I LOVE a shopping centre with a play space, and not surprisingly so does my daughter. We are lucky that in our area of the world there are many new shopping centres being built or renovated to adapt to the growing numbers of families moving in. It is becoming more and more common to stumble upon great places to play while doing your local shop. This Winter I’ll be reviewing some of my fave, free shopping centre play areas….because sometimes, I just don’t want to do mud. First cab off the rank is Casey Central in Narre Warren.

This play area does a great job of ticking the boxes. It’s fenced, it is undercover (but still outdoors), very close to the food court (coffee!), and there is also a parents’ room with tiny toilet and change tables nearby….some of those great features you’re rarely see at traditional community playgrounds. Let’s take a look at it in closer detail.

There are four main pieces of play equipment within the play area.

The Pirate Ship.
The most fun piece and interesting piece is the pirate ship. Complete with slide, fireman pole, rock climbing wall, shop windows, moving parts and bright colours this playground element is always the most popular when we visit.

IMG_7502 (2)IMG_7492IMG_7498

The Rope Bridge.
Too tricky for my daughter, but I saw a few older children walking along quite well.

19238709_10154654194835983_1584976544_o (2)

The Seesaw.
Pretty self explanatory…fits four children. Great height for bumping wandering toddlers on the head….


The Giant Green Rope Thing.
This piece is quite large and would be ideal if you had a child that loves to climb. There’s a few elements to it, including a bouncing area, vinyl slide and plastic hammock.


So… anything missing? Well ideally this play area could really benefit from some equipment more targeted towards younger children. We come here alot and really Missy Moo could only get into it a bit more after she turned two. I would love to see another shop/cubby, maybe some little ride on rocking things, maybe some interactive elements on the walls (things that spin etc), or even some swings?  For confident climbers though this place is great.

Also worth noting is that on Wednesdays and Saturdays Casey Central has free kids activities. Sometimes this also includes a free cupcake, babychino or a coffee for mum and dad, and other times it is simply a little craft activity. Either way it is always advertised a day or two ahead of time on their Facebook page.


I give this playground at 8/10, only lacking in points because it is a bit skewed for big kids. The fact that it is entirely fenced though certainly helps make up for it.

What are your favourite shopping centre play areas? Leave a comment below or jump onto Facebook or Insta for a chat.


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