The Big Goose (share your adventure)

233 Mornington-Tyabb Rd,
Moorooduc Vic

This week I had a chat to Jane; one of the four mums behind Little Finders. These ladies love to find fun places to visit all around Melbourne that are kid friendly and don’t break the bank. To be launching soon, Little Finders will provide a membership service for parents of Melbourne to get discounted entry into lots of fun places….exciting! In the mean time, here’s Jane’s recent adventure to The Big Goose.

the big goose - Little Finders 5

The Big Goose is a relatively new attraction on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, and it is quickly establishing itself as a must see and a great day out for local families and tourists to the area. I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and had heard great things about The Big Goose, but had never been.

Our Littlefinders visited midweek and we were there as the gates opened at 10am (surprisingly we left home on time for once!) – Right at the entry we met some friendly cows, goats and sheep but understandably the kids quickly made a beeline for the huge custom made play area. 

the big goose - Little Finders 4

A sandpit with trucks, diggers and a ‘shipwrecked’ boat to play in leads to one of the most creative adventure climbing play area we’ve ever come across! It is quite ingenious, and challenging with climbing wall, hanging nets and an old truck to climb through – it is also linked by a high walkway to an old silo that has been repurposed into a slide! I think one of the lovely staff nailed it when they said the owner is just a big kid at heart and he builds what he knows he and his kids would love themselves.

the big goose - Little Finders 8

 The big red barn is home to some scaly reptiles, soft bunnies and a few other farmyard regulars – our Littlefinders were given the chance to feed Sam the Lamb his morning bottle, he guzzled it down as fast as I usually drink my first coffee for the day.  We were lucky enough to be there for the first story time hosted in the barn, it was cosy and crazy and our Littlefinders absolutely loved it, reading and commenting with great gusto!


Next we wandered past the rather vocal Peppa Pig in her muddy sty, spoke to a few widely coloured parrots and then it was time for some serious fun on the jumping pillow. Phew!

the big goose - Little Finders 6

We had bought along a picnic and added to our lunch with some hot chips and other goodies from the onsite food van – we found we were spoilt for choice with nice spots to sit and feast. 

After lunch we had a tractor ride around the park and wandered past the camels, but our gumboots were getting heavy – would you believe we had been there almost 4 hours (!!!) and both kids were absolutely exhausted! 

Before we left we spied a huge old fishing boat in one of the paddocks, and we heard there is plans to turn it into a new play area or even splash zone (which we thought was a great idea!) so stay tuned to see what develops there… 

Being a local family we consider the best value to be an annual membership, with so much to do and the constant evolution and additions we would be happy to visit at least once a month. We rate it a 9.5/10 and would give it a 10/10 with the edition of a water splash area so we could really enjoy The Big Goose all year round.

the big goose - Little Finders 2

Thanks for sharing your adventure Littlefinders. To see more of what they’ve found be sure to look them up on Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

Would you like to share your adventure? I can’t wait to hear from you. Click here for more info…

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