LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Chadstone Shopping Centre,
1341 Dandenong Rd,

So I can pretty much sum up this entire review of LEGOLAND by saying “Everything is Awesome” and you absolutely should visit with your children. However you might be after a little more info…so here it goes….

LEGOLAND is a mini theme park tucked away at the back of Chadstone Shopping Centre.  There was plenty to do for kids and adults alike, and there’s even a Duplo area for toddlers! I’ll talk you through each of the sections, as there is a heap going on.

IMG_7401 (2)

The first part of LEGOLAND is your standard green screen souvenir photo. These photos were pretty funny, but not memorable enough to purchase. You can see/purchase them later in your visit.

Next room is an interactive computer game that can be played simultaneously by many. You use a simply joy stick and some buttons to build Lego characters online. This was pretty fun, and we probably spent about five minutes in there before being shuffled through to the next bit. The kids each got a prize at the end.


Then…it’s ride time! Unfortunately we were not eligible to go on either of the two rides due to the fact we were visiting with a 25 week pregnant friend, and my child was too short to meet the height restrictions. However…here’s a look at the first ride (video from LEGOLAND website)

The next area is a very large Melbourne city made of Lego, complete with all the iconic buildings, horseracing, football, the Yarra River, and everything in between. There were many interactive components to this too….you could race the horses, make a band play music, and there’s even a little peekaboo bubble to get a better look.

IMG_7395 (2)IMG_7394

Check out my little video..

The rest of LEGOLAND is all combined into one large area where you are free to roam from place to place. This play space contains a Lego Friends area, a Duplo play area, another ride, soft play area (similar to a small indoor play centre), building areas, racetracks and the 4D cinema.

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The facility also contains a café, but I was actually more excited to find it contained a quiet room to have your lunch….complete with microwave! There are change tables in the toilets, so I think this space is also perhaps acting as a parents room. Either way, it was a great place for coffee and a snack. And free WIFI!


The 4D cinema was a heap of fun, and they rotate between different movies throughout the day. The one we saw was perhaps a little scary for a toddler, so just be aware of that if you have a particularly sensitive child.

4D cinema

$32.50 per person over aged 3.
Under 3 are free.

Worth noting is that adults are not allowed to visit without a child, unless it is an adults only night.

Want it cheaper?

IMG_7475 (2)

LEGOLAND gets an easy 10/10 from me. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we find ourselves as annual members once Missy Moo is tall enough to enjoy the rides (she was a bit grumpy she wasn’t allowed to have a turn). Take your family to LEGOLAND, you will have the most amazing time!

Oh…and there’s a pretty exciting gift shop too….good luck!


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