Little Kids’ Day In at Scienceworks

2 Booker St,
Spotswood, VIC

This week we headed into Scienceworks for the monthly Little Kids’ Day In. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the Little Kids’ Day In is a special day at Scienceworks just for preschoolers. This means most activities are geared towards 0-5 year olds and there are no school excursions booked on these days, so minimal big kids were around.

Each month is a different theme and ours was exploring healthy living and nutrition. Playgroup Victoria and Kinderling Kids Radio helped to run the day too, and both were a great asset. This was our first time attending and I was really impressed with just how many great little kid activities there were.


First stop for us was listening to Kinderling Kids Radio…a digital kid’s radio station. Kids were invited to dance along, hop up on stage, and move and groove to the music. It was a really engaging performance and the kids appeared to be having a blast.


Next we headed outside onto the grounds for some exercising and moving about, organised by Netball Victoria. There were many activities set up just for the kids such as tunnels, hula hoops, and ball games. In addition to this these are two permanent playgrounds outside that the kids really enjoyed….one is even train themed!


Back inside and it was time to play with Playgroup Victoria. The kids could cut and paste to create their own healthy lunchbox. Missy Moo loves a bit of cut and paste (as I suspect most toddlers do) as the activity was very popular.

IMG_7340 (2)IMG_7343

Throughout the day, all the regular day to day exhibitions were open and running as usual….so it was a great opportunity enjoy everything without the d̶r̶e̶a̶d̶e̶d̶ school kids. Sportsworks is a place to leap, run, throw and row. You can race against Cathy Freeman, try out for soccer goalkeeper, and zoom down the slopes in our snowboarding simulator….well I couldn’t but you can try. Probably more suited to kinder kids or older, but my toddler still had a lot of fun. Her upper body could use a bit of work though; tug of war was perhaps not her strong suit.

IMG_7353 (2)

Upstairs, and our final stop, was the Nitty Gritty Super City. This is the best place for little kids to go at Scienceworks. So interactive, plenty to do, see, build and climb. I took a little video, because there is just so much to see. We really loved this play space.

Other great elements of the Little Kid’s Day In included a baby area, extra parent room areas and changing spaces as well as roving characters.


Adults are $14, kids are free.
You are eligible for free entry if you have a health care card, museum membership or a VIT card (Victorian teacher).

A totally bargain to take your entire family for $14 I reckon!

Parking for us was $4 for the day, in the designated care park.


We had a great time at Scienceworks for the Little Kids’ Day In and highly recommend you check it out…. 10/10. The dates for the rest of 2018 are:

  • Monday 7 August (First Peoples)
  • Monday 4 September
  • Monday 23 October (Children’s Week)
  • Monday 4 December

You can get more information about the Little Kids’ Day In here or stay up to date via the Scienceworks Facebook page. Happy learning everyone!

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