A to Zoo (share your adventures)


This week I had a chat with Belinda; a busy mum of two, who has a zoo membership to Adelaide Zoo that she has been hanging to get a bit more use out of. She discovered a new program running through Adelaide Zoo for 2-5 year olds and was happy to tell us all about her adventures with the Zoo’s new A to Zoo program.

There’s not a heap to do in Adelaide (well not compared to all your Melbourne adventures anyway) but we love the Zoo. I learnt about the A to Zoo program and thought my busy two year old son would really love it (and my daughter would follow along perhaps too…she’s nearly one). We’re two sessions in and having a blast.


Aimed at pre-schoolers the A to Zoo program is a fantastic way to get my kids enthused about wildlife. We have been twice now and after the first week my little one kept talking about boom booms (baboons). This week, it’s all about lions after yesterday’s visits.


We sing some songs, have a bit of education about the day’s animal, touch some fur, then have a simple craft activity. After kids have settled in with a craft, they then have story time and then it’s off to visit the animal of the day. It is so great!


Yesterday he made a lions tail put it on and they did a lion dance. All the kids love it and get really involved.

Emily who has taken both the sessions so far is amazing at keeping the kid’s attention. The 8 week program means our zoo pass will def get a workout too!


Each session lasts for 45mins, so it’s all really short and sweet, keeps moving and keeps the kid’s attention…haven’t yet found anything that needs improving at all actually.

My son and I rate it a 10/10 and plan to enrol again in term 4 (when it warms up a bit). For more info check out https://www.zoossa.com.au/zoo-learning-programs/zoo-2-4-year-olds/

Thanks so much for sharing your adventure Belinda. This looks so fun and I hope Melbourne Zoo consider brining in a similar program..my Missy Moo would love it.

Do you have an adventure you’d love to share? Click here for more info.

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