How to start a blog…

It’s funny, I never really imagined myself as a blogger. My older brother had a blog that lasted many years, and even got himself on TV at one point, and still I had no interest. I just didn’t really feel qualified enough…I mean who would read it?

On becoming a mum I learnt that I am a very social person; I simply suck at “home” days. Even on days I plan to stay home I inevitably wake up, text everyone I know one by one, until I have made plans. Should this fail, Missy Moo and I usually walk up to the shops just for something to fill the time. I coupled this boredom with an increased interest in my old SLR camera that had been kicking around, and photography became my new hobby.


After a while I started posted interesting photos on Facebook of all our adventures, and my friends were impressed. Always asking for ideas of places to go, things to see, and why don’t you start a blog? I lapped up the compliments, felt helpful, but disregarded such blog talk…it wasn’t for me.

Then suddenly it was. I think I had nothing else to do one day when it was suggested for the umpteenth time…so I started looking into it. New Mumma Kim was super helpful to get me started so I thought it’s time I pay it forward.

So here’s my why and how of starting a blog.

Why are you wanting to start a blog? You might simply like a creative outlet, a great way to discuss fashion, parenting chat, or blogging about a round the world trip. For me my “want” was to get out and have more adventures, improve my non-baby photography skills, and potentially get a free ticket to something for Missy Moo. So far, so good.

Tip: It’s a saturated market…but who cares? I almost didn’t start Anyday Adventures because I felt there were too many similar pages out there. Now I realise you don’t just like one book; you like lots of books. Just because someone likes a similar blog, doesn’t mean they won’t like yours too.

Starting a blog will cost you a little $. Don’t be put off by this, consider it investing in a hobby. If you started a sewing project you might buy some fabric, or if you start running you might buy new shoes. It’s OK to invest in yourself sometimes.

1. Choose a web domain provider and place to host your blog.
I use and so far have found it pretty simple, but there are a lot of choices available. There are four steps to set it up. You can go totally free if you want, or pay a little.


It’s OK if you’re not sure, you can change it later.


This step took me ages, but have fun with it.


Ever wondered why it is This is why


Then it’s time to pay..if you are paying anything.


That’s it…you’re on your way.

Here’s some other great sites I’ve used along the way.

Cheap logos…with high potential for hilarity..but also success. Try fiverr.  You can easily grab a custom logo with unlimited changes for $5-10. Here was the first attempt I got, I laughed….a lot.

My brief was a mother and child on an adventure….not a woman with high heels and a penis.

For cheap awesome images try Canva. I love it and it helps you make really classy images without much effort at all.  Like this….

Sometimes the biggest challenge is deciding what y.png

If you feel like starting a newsletter service I use Mailchimp. Easy, and free…that’s all you need really. If you want to join my VIP Update group for E-ventures click here.

Other than that get your name out there through Facebook and Instagram. Tell everyone what you are doing, ask for support from friends and family.

And my last top tip? Get yourself a friendly editor. Do you have a friend who is a bit crazy for spelling and grammar? Ask them to proof read your work. My friend loves it (I think she thrives on my incorrect use of punctation, haha). To be honest though, I love that stuff too, and recently have started proof reading for a friend of mine. Find a buddy and your blog pieces will come out looking that much better before hitting the eyes of everyone else. Thanks Amy!

And…have fun with it. Blogging doesn’t have many rules, it can be for business, or a hobby, or really whatever. Write what you love and your tribe will find you.

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7 thoughts on “How to start a blog…

  1. Lololol at the Fiverr logos… I’ve had such mixed luck with that service. I also have trouble explaining why I want… so after a few attempts I ended up learning how to use Adobe Illustrator on (which is a skill I wanted to have anyway!) and attempted to make my blog logo myself. And yay for Canva – I love them too!!


  2. Good on you for starting a blog – I’m so glad you started it because you wanted to, and not from peer pressure. I love the photos you take and it is so nice to see them all on one space.
    Can I just say, that Fiverr logo is hilarious… I’m glad you skipped that one and went with the one you’ve got. Good luck for your blogging journey, can’t wait to see more of your photos along the way!


  3. These are good tips. I think I need to find someone to edit my blogs for me, I hate to think that there might be typos or mistakes that I’ve missed somewhere in them, but it is almost impossible to edit your own work. Also I think it’s really good to take a step back every now and again and consider the ‘why’ of your blog. This is something I also really need to do so thanks for the reminder.


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