Monkey Mania (share your adventure)

Penrith RSL
8 Tindale St,
Penrith, NSW

This week I had a chat to Sarah from Every Little Thing Blog. She is a mum of a toddler and a 4 month old, and amidst the chaos that comes when you have two small children she decided to start blogging to save her sanity. Naturally, we get along. Here’s her adventure out to Monkey Mania in Penrith.

With two small children often it is so tempting to stay home; after all it can be such a hassle to get out of the house, but I love it once we’re out. It was a normal weekday for us; we had decided to catch up with a friend and her kids – but with the weather being so hit and miss it wasn’t worth chancing it at an outdoor park. We knew Monkey Mania would be open and is a favourite spot for both our kids because of the huge play area. It’s hidden away within an RSL (I know, random right?) but we still love it.

As an added bonus it also helped to wear out some of their energy!

Sarah’s cheeky monkey

Some of the good bits.

Large range of activities for younger children.
This is a win for me! There is specifically a gated area for under 5s, two jumping castles (one is a junior sized one), lots to climb, a musical keyboard and heaps of other bits and pieces to keep them amused. 


The café inside Monkey Mania is great! We knew we could sit and relax at the café and be able to see the kids playing really easily. Also there plenty of seats so you won’t be crowded and lots of highchairs too. Here’s the menu, love a $1 babychino.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots to climb.
If you have a climber, they will have a blast here. Heaps of slides, platforms to climb and safe padded areas in case they (inevitably) fall.

Go Carts!
During the weekdays the go kart track is used only for ride ons, but on the weekend it’s full on go karts! How fun is that?!?


Party rooms.
There are 4 themed party areas which were all really elaborate and fun. These included Candyland, Undersea, Enchanted Fairy, and Prehistoric. Will be definitely looking into party options for when the next birthday rolls around.


Penrith Drop ‘n Dine.
This isn’t a service that I have used yet as my daughter’s are too little. But I like the sound of it. Here’s an explanation about Drop ‘n Dine straight from the Monkey Mania site:

“Parents can leave children in the care of Monkey Mania for up to three hours whilst they eat and are required to remain on Penrith RSL premises. This service is available for children 5+. The Drop ’n Dine service costs $26.50 and includes unlimited play even after the parents return.”


Areas for improvement.

Gated area.
Currently the gated area is for under 5s, but I would love to see this reduced to under 3 or 4 instead. My little girls sometimes are at risk of being trampled.

So that’s it though, we really like monkeying around at Monkey Mania.

School Days $11
Weekends, Holidays $15
Under 1s free with a paying sibling
Adults $4.50 (including a coffee)

Want it cheaper?
Become a member and visit on a Tuesday. Membership costs $12 per family, per year and that gets you $2 off per child per visit, every 5th child entry is free, and 10% off all food and beverage. In addition, if you visit on a Tuesday under 5s are only $6. Bargain!

Overall I give it an 8/10 and look forward to returning a few more times throughout the Winter months.


Looks like so much fun, especially on a rainy day. My dino lover who lose herself in that Prehistoric room too! Thanks for sharing Sarah. If you’d like to follow more of Sarah’s ramblings about Every Little Thing check out her blog, Facebook or Instagram to see where she’s at. This week she’s got a competition running too for some B-box sippy cups and snack containers so definitely pop over and say hi.

Do you have a fun adventure you’d like to share? Go here for more info….

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