Ballam Park

260 Cranbourne Rd,
Frankston VIC

I’m not going to lie, this is my new favourite playground; Ballam Park really has it all. Uniquely catering from tots to teens Ballam Park (with its latest upgrade), is definitely one for your “must visit” list.

I mean check out this slide?!?


The giant slide was a clear favourite amongst children (and parents) the day we visited. It’s a bit of a quick one so be ready to catch your child as they hurtle off at the bottom! If you have a few kids try for an action shot of them all sliding together… I think that would be awesome.

Also, look at that railing…no one is falling through that, nor getting limbs stuck…brilliant!

If you have a climber they are going to love all the various climbing elements available throughout the playground. Each element is spaced out well and there are multiple play opportunities at each activity; so kids can play together without issue (well except for general toddler politics!).

IMG_6849 (2)

IMG_6841 (2)IMG_6830 (2)

For the younger children you have the swings (two baby swings, two older kid swings, and one of those big round ones), play cubbies, tunnels, plastic balls to spin, and of course the best draw card…the mini trampolines of which there are three!

IMG_6819 (2)

For your child who like to ride or scoot don’t forget to bring along their wheels. Ballam Park has good paths for kids to ride on and a few little bumps and jumps too.

IMG_6832 (2)
Kids on the left are on the mini tramps


As you can see above, older kids and teens will love the full sized basketball court, but also seemed very engaged with the elaborate bar set up. There are two areas with lots of bars; the one at the front of the park (near the basketball court) is taller and obviously designed for bigger kids. There is a much smaller/lower one around the back of the playground too in case your child wants a go but is a bit little for the bigger kid set up.

IMG_6840 (2)

But wait…there’s more. That’s right, there is another entire playground just 50 metres or so away.

IMG_6853 (2)

This is the original part (the rest is an upgrade), but I think this playground is really great too. When I visited this section was much quieter, and really only had little kids. Regardless of the age of your children check it out while you’re there…it is super close.

IMG_6855 (2)IMG_6854

So if two excellent side by side playgrounds isn’t enough to entice you to visit Ballam Park, here’s a few other features that might tip you over the edge…

  • BBQs available
  • Toilets (they were even clean!)
  • Dog roam free area
  • 30 hectares of open areas and sporting fields including a premier athletics track, AFL, soccer and cricket

I personally have nothing negative to say about this playground. The trees provide lots of shade, the parking is plentiful and free, the giant slide is super fun…I simply loved it.

If you go and check it out, let me know. Tag me @anydayadventures on instagram and Facebook so I can see all the fun adventures that you’ve been having.

Here’s one last video to get your excited about Ballam Park!

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