Gentle Presence Drop in Centre

4 Ross Smith Ave,
Frankston Vic

For those who don’t know, Missy Moo is a breastfed toddler. But this isn’t a post about breast or bottle, or how I feed my baby versus how you feed yours. It is simply a post about our recent visit to a new breastfeeding drop in centre in Frankston.

I am reasonably fortunate to have had a really positive breastfeeding experience. Missy Moo latched well for her first feed and never looked back. But….there were still many moments of uncertainty, when I reached out to friends, family and professionals for help. I was really lucky to know what sort of support was available, and how to access it. Unfortunately, many women are not this lucky and simply have never been made aware of the local services available to them.

So…meet Amy and Kylie…hi guys! They are local midwives, providing many private services for the women in the local community. Recently they begun offering a drop in session for breastfeeding support, so of course we went to check it out.

IMG_6458 (2).JPG

The session is currently running every second Monday, the next being on April 24th from 11:30-12:30. It costs a gold coin donation, and for that you get breastfeeding support and morning tea. Bargain!

IMG_6451 (2).JPG
There were 12 cookies here. I think Missy Moo and I ate about 6. White chocolate and cranberry….so yummy! Freshly baked by Kylie that morning. I actually couldn’t stop myself.

Both Amy and Kylie are super down to earth, friendly, and incredibly well educated about all things boob. They’re not pushy, or handsy and when you talk to them you really feel like you’re talking to a super educated friend, rather than a bossy boob professional. Both have children too (who were present and running around when we visited), so in addition to their professional advice they’ve also really lived it too. Amy was even able to answer a few questions I had about weaning toddlers! Plus there were even a few toddler toys floating about to entertain Missy Moo while we chatted.


In addition to the boob advice, the girls are able to help make feeding plans, weigh your baby, and book in private consultations should you require it (additional charges apply).


While I was there I had to chat to new mum Tessa, who was visiting for the second time, to get some breastfeeding assistance. Here’s what she had to say

“I’m a first time mum and had been having breastfeeding difficulties since birth. I heard about Gentle Presence’s drop in clinic and thought I’d try it out. The atmosphere there is so comfortable and friendly. Amy the LC (lactation Consultant) was professional and easy to talk with. She recognized my problems straight away and with her help I’ve been able to improve my breastfeeding and keep achieving my feeding goals.”

So if you are breastfeeding and require a little bit of help, reassurance or even boob friendly company be sure to check out the new drop in session in Frankston. A great excuse to get out of the house with a new baby…and let’s face it, adventuring is probably not on your mind yet anyway!

Oh…and the tea was delicious…I drank all that too.


To learn more about Gentle Presence you can find them on Facebook, Instagram or on their website. The cookies and tea are for sale too, and believe me when I say they taste amazing.

Whatever your journey with your baby, I hope you find your local support to assist you with whatever you need.

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