Sugar Buns Bakery Café

Hampton Park Shopping Centre,
1a/55 Hallam Road
Hampton Park, 3976

Have you heard of mega shakes? These outrageous beverages are taking Melbourne by storm! We can thank Sugar Buns Bakery Café in the quiet suburb of Hampton Park for really kick starting the idea of taking a simple milkshake and turning into something quite special. In fact, Sugar Buns claim to be “the home of Melbourne’s most loved Mega Shake”, and quite frankly I can see why.

Mmmmm Malteasers!

Not specifically kid orientated, but certainly kid friendly, this cute café has amazing food and was an awesome spot for a brunch mum date (with two pre-schoolers in tow).

The good bits…

The shakes!
We went hoping for an impressive milk shake, and we definitely got one…in fact we got one each. They coming in 3 different sizes from the baby to the mega shake, so something for every appetite.


The food.
I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised with the food available at Sugar Buns Bakery Café… just check out their Instagram to see what I mean. It was beautifully presented, relatively quick service, able to be customized for my mum date friend who had allergies. Even better was the fact that it was delicious! Everyone ate everything! Such a nice change for a suburban café in the South East.


Kid friendly.
Lots of high chairs, the staff were really friendly with our girls, and the vegemite toast was served on crunchy toasted sour dough….winning!

Areas for improvement.

The straws.
It is such a minor thing, but annoying all the same. Neither child with us (Missy Moo who is 2, and Miss P who is a tall 4 year old) could easily drink their shake. They are too messy to lift, and impossible to spoon. We got given straws for the girls but they weren’t the bendy ones. That meant that when the girls tried to drink from their cups they couldn’t really reach properly. This resulted in them either kinking the straw and getting nothing, or using the straw to pull the entire cup on an angle…also not ideal. Please order some bendy ones (at least for the kids).


That’s it…no other areas for improvement required!

Things to note…

Sugar Buns is very popular, so definitely book if you can. You can book online or through a message on Instagram.

There are no bathrooms on site. The closest bathrooms are located within the shopping centre about a one minute walk away. There were disabled facilities and change tables there too.


Overall I absolutely loved Sugar Buns Bakery Café. The food was outstanding, the staff terrific, and we all had a great time. 10/10! I can’t wait to return.

Book in to Sugar Buns Bakery Café


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