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Mount Martha Community House
Dominion Rd,
Mount Martha

Do you love displaying your child’s artwork on the fridge? All those finger paintings, crayon drawings, and anything in between. Wouldn’t it be great to do something amazing with your kid’s artwork that could really last and be appreciated long term? Well…enter Jellybeanstreet! They turn your child’s art into modern art masterpieces!


If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Jellybeanstreet run a group art session for your child, in which they will make many, many, many pictures and paintings.  After the class all the images are photographed by the facilitator (Kristen) and sent to a team of graphic artists to work their magic. A few days later the designers have created modern art pieces inspired by your child’s artwork…it’s pretty cool idea, I think.

I had heard about Jellybeanstreet shortly after becoming a mum, but disregarding it as the one most local to me was really far away….that is until recently. Jellybeanstreet Mornington Peninsula has only just open so I was super keen to check it out with Missy Moo for a session.


So during the class the kids drew with textas, rolled golf balls through paint, painting with sponges, water balloons, brushes and leaves. There were multiple colour changes, and sensory experiences. As a stand alone art class it was really fun! Kristen told me some families do come along just for a fun art class, but the majority come with the intention of displaying their child’s uniquely inspired art at home.


After the class I then got a very extensive online form to fill in. The form had questions such as “Would you prefer your picture to be horizontal, vertical or let the designer decide?” and “What room will you be displaying the art?”. You have the option to upload photos to show where the art will be going, as well as comments to say about preferences in colours etc. For the results we received I clicked “let designer decide” at all possibly stages, and didn’t give any preferences at all. All families will receive 3 pieces of unique art to chose between.

So here’s our masterpieces….

  1. The splatter effect!
    This was made with paint being put into the salad spinner, and kids were encouraged to spin it about until they had enough. The children who were good with colours got to help chose the colours in their spinners too.IMG_5984 (2)IMG_5986 (2)17838496_1030776523690325_392184730_o

2) The traditional painting
This one appears to be inspired by Missy Moo’s scribbling (that black is a genuine Missy Moo scribble) and some brush strokes from painting.

IMG_5973 (2)IMG_599017820478_1030776560356988_1103332859_o

3. The waterballoon.
This last one appears to be created from the art made with the waterballoons. She really loved painting this way so I’ll have to try this out at home.IMG_6005 (2)17797078_1030776590356985_1462457440_o

Now obviously you do have to use your imagination a little bit. Missy Moo probably made 30+ pieces of art in the class, and I didn’t take photos of them as we were going along. As I was present with her during the class, I can definitely look at the above modern art pieces and see her colour choices and patterns throughout. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

So…the good bits.

Really fun!
The class was really quick, engaging, organised, and the kids had a ball. Younger kids had help from their parents and they too seemed to be having a blast!

Well facilitated.
Kristen (who runs the Mornington Peninsula branch of Jellybeanstreet) did an excellent job working with the kids. She was friendly, engaging and interacted well with all the kids in our session.


The art.
I’m in love with the splatter rainbow art that we got. I really love it alone, but even more because it has a special meaning behind it.

The community.
Jellybeanstreet also sell your child’s uniquely inspired artwork and give 60% of the profits to charity, or alternatively 40% to charity and 20% to your child. You can nominate whichever charity you would like. How awesome is that?


Areas for improvement.
Nothing for the class, it was great as it was. I’m also super pleased with the results. If we weren’t happy with the results the designers are happy to try again until they arrange something you are happy with.

Workshop $30
Graphic design fee $29 (you can prepay this or decide later)
Art $-$$$

See price list here for canvas or here for posters (cheaper). You can also get greeting cards, phone covers and other small items.

Overall we had an absolute ball at the class, and I am really pleased with the results. I was honestly a little concerned that all the kids would end up with similar looking art, but after looking at the online gallery I have to say I was wrong in my thinking. Here’s the gallery if you want to have a look for yourself.

IMG_6011 (2).JPG

I rate Jellybeanstreet Mornington Peninsula a 9/10, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new piece of art in their home (or the perfect gift for that hard to buy for grandparent).

If you want to book a workshop go here, they run all over Australia.

What do you think of Missy Moo’s creations? Would you hang one up on your wall? Let me know which one you love in the comments below or join in the conversation on facebook.

One thought on “Jellybeanstreet Mornington Peninsula

  1. This looks like a fantastic activity, my 5yr old absolutly loves drawing and painting, I looked into this class after the blog so thanks 😊 My fave would have to be the water balloon one! I love the layering of colours in the background and the contrast of the balloon effect on top it really makes it pop.

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