Heathland Circuit Children’s Park

Heathland Circuit,
Cranbourne East VIC

Heathland Circuit Children’s Park is tucked away into a housing estate just off the South Gippsland Highway, and is a bit of a local’s secret. This beautiful playground has lots of interesting elements, and in particular would strongly encourage imaginative play. We’ve been three times in the last week….so it’s safe to say we love it.

So what are those giant eggs? Are they left from the Easter Bunny? Or perhaps a dinosaur has come through Cranbourne laying eggs…or even a dragon? You’ll have to bring your little ones out to hear what they make of it all…


The good stuff.

Hallelujah!! A playground with heaps of natural shade all day long. We have visited in both the morning and the afternoon and the main part of the playground is heavily shaded throughout.


The seating.
This park has many park benches spread throughout, but what I especially liked was that they were super close/basically within the play areas. No more watching from the sidelines ages away. You can sit (if your child lets you) and still be in the thick of it. Great design!


Clean BBQs were available as well as plenty of picnic tables. The park also boasts a large grassed area to kick a footy, or lay out a picnic rug or 2. There is a water fountain for both drinking and another for refilling water bottles. No toilets…boo! Bike racks…yay!


This thing.
This musical version of Australia actually sounds beautiful. Even with my toddler bashing on it, it was still lovely to listen to.


The play equipment.
This park has a really great mix of play spaces and would suit all ages. With a sandpit for the little ones, big slides, little slides, rings, stepping stone style tree stumps, and lots of nature surrounding to explore there is a lot here to keep your kids entertained.


Areas for improvement.

No toilet.
I’m actually really surprised about this one. It seems silly to have BBQs but no toilet facilities. If you were considering having a birthday party here for example the no toilets would certainly turn me off. There are plenty of trees, or BYO potty.

No baby swing.
Again, this one surprised me. They have a swing set with two “big kid” swings. I’m not sure why as it is right next to the sandpit so the designers obviously were expecting younger children at the park.


Overall we both really loved Heathland Circuit Children’s Park, and I will probably mentally add it in to our “regulars” list and plan to attend again soon.

I give it an 8.5/10. Please let me wee! Add in toilets to get a 10/10!

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Here’s a little more from this gem of a playground to enjoy….

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