Kid’s Yoga (share your adventure)

Sharing her adventure this week is Stacey from Boho Babes Collective. Stacey is a wife, mum of two beautiful girls, health enthusiast, CEO mummy and budding blogger…phew she sounds busy! She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and wanted to share her story about her daughters doing a kids yoga class together.

I have two daughters and my eldest has just been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and potentially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is 8 and is high functioning but VERY emotional and lacks focus.

She does team sports which is great but we were looking for something not team focused that wasn’t too expensive that would give her some time to relax her mind and focus for clarity. So we tried yoga.


We had done yoga at home but wanted her to try a class with an instructor as I am big on letting them learn the values of having other people teach them. After doing some research we found Focus on You Yoga in Tweed Heads and couldn’t be happier. I found that it was great for her, she came away from the class calm and enthusiastic about what she learnt and is happy to go back.



We have definitely found yoga to be a great option for kids who may need that sort of stimulus and a way to get more focus and quiet their mind. I know a lot of places offer kids yoga these days and are usually at after school time slots.


Readers would need to research any local places that offer this. I found Focus on You Yoga through Facebook by asking for recommendations and that worked for me.

We pay $10 per child, per class, and we really feel they are thriving and having a great time. Even more importantly they are learning to balance their minds and relax!


Looks really fun Stacey, thanks for sharing your adventure with us! If you’d like to learn more about how to look after your health and your mind check out Boho Babes Collective on facebook for lots of inspiration!

If you’ve had a fun adventure that you would love to share then just click here. Can’t wait to read about all the fun the Anyday Adventurers have been having!

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