The Rocket Park (Ray Bastin Reserve)

Norfolk Dr,
Narre Warren

Are you ready to travel into outer space?
3…2…1…Lift off!


Welcome to The Rocket Park in Narre Warren. This Space themed playground has been around for a while, but never the less, is just as good (if not better) than any newly built playgrounds that are popping up. The playground is quite large, and has everything you would want to be able to stay and play for many hours.

Want to go on a quick tour?

OK… Let talk the good stuff.

The theming.
Every element of this playground says rockets, space, stars, and astronauts. From the moon buggy, to the rocket control panel, there are just so many eye catching elements about this place…you really need to see it for yourself.


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The shade.
There are multiple shaded areas around the playground with bench seats or picnic tables. Most of the playground itself is in direct sunlight but the sandpit had a little bit of coverage.

There is lots of shade very close to the playground area.

The playground.
The play equipment was really varied and interesting. There are swings and slides, but also explosives (well..imaginary ones), UFOs, and rockets to climb and explore.

IMG_6096 (2).jpg

The “big kid” stuff.
Set about 50 metres away (across an oval as you can see above) is a skate park. A similar distance away off to the side is a bmx area. How great is this if you have some big kids and little kids in your life?

Skate Park
BMX Track

The Amenities
There are on site toilets, which were mostly pretty clean. FYI Missy Moo was doing her thing and I went to wash my hands. This triggered an automatic toilet flushing and her tiny bum got all soaked. Whoops…mum fail!

There is also BBQs on site and drinking fountains…you’ll be there all day.


All abilities playground.
The Rocket Park would be a great one for children in a wheelchair. There is a liberty swing (swing for wheelchairs), and there are many fun elements as part of the playground without climbing. There are ramps throughout the playground also.


Areas for improvement.

A bit rundown.
The park has a few signs of age throughout. Some of the signs are a little rusty, or the paint has chipped away. However, the playground is very safe, no sharp edges, broken nails, etc. It is well cared for, but just don’t come expected brand spanking new.


The sensory walk.
At the back of the playground is a sensory walk. Essentially this is a path to walk/pram along and every few metres you get to an activity. These activities were little wall games and puzzles, aimed at toddlers. I took no photos here because it was really just awful. Graffiti everywhere, the path was covered in leaves and branches, and overall it just wasn’t very pleasant. The sensory walk has passed its prime and I feel really needs to be removed or seriously overhauled.

Really though, just don’t bother with the sensory walk and enjoy the rest of the playground in all its glory! You’ll have a great time!


I give this playground a solid 8/10. Missy Moo and I will definitely be back, for another  trip into outer space.

Have you got any great playgrounds near you? Leave me a comment below or tell me all about them on facebook.

Go on…get into your moon buggy and head to Narre Warren!

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