Lights by DreamWorks

1125 Point Nepean Road,
Rosebud Vic

Lights by DreamWorks is the exciting new attraction that has just landed on the Mornington Peninsula in time for the school holidays. It is set in 2 big (really big) circus style tents, with a variety of attractions and activities within them. Being a bit of a closet Mike Myers fan (I may or may not have done an entire school project in year 9 fan girling over him…..) I was eager to see Shrek and all his friends in lit up and looking amazing.

Come on in!

Let’s talk the good stuff.

The lanterns.
This is what you come to see, and the lit up characters don’t disappoint. There were multiple versions of all your favourite DreamWorks heroes (and villains), and the attention to detail was spot on. The lanterns were all behind barriers which I loved (no trying to hold back Missy Moo from climbing on anything), and they were really big and easy to see.


The inclusions.
So many extras that I wasn’t expecting, what a bonus! This included rides, jumping castle, roaming characters, drawing station, make your own shield, decorate a lantern, movie area and plenty of other bits and pieces. Plenty to keep you amused during your visit. At a guess (as a parent of a 2yo), I would imagine most of these activities are best enjoyed from ages 2-12 years old. All the rides were included in the entry price…winning!


The amenities
The toilet area was just some portaloos at the entrance. But they were clean, and there was a baby change station too, so I was happy overall with that.

IMG_5955 (2)

Pram friendly.
The paths to walk around were very wide and everything is on the same level, so a great pram or wheelchair friendly attraction too… bonus!


Areas for improvement.

Now it was rather hot when we visited, about 32 degrees I think, but that tent had no aircon. Being a tent it was very humid and sticky, and overall a bit uncomfortable at times. Dress cool if you are going on a warm day, and take lots of water.

If you don’t have air-conditioning then please stock and sell me an ice-cream, or ten ice-creams. I desperately wanted to buy all the ice-cream. The only cold items I could see for sale were bottles of drink, fruit cups, and slushies. FYI slushie was delicious, thanks guys!

IMG_5965 (2)

We had an excellent time at Lights by DreamWorks and would highly recommend you check it out with your family. It is running until April 30th and you can check the available times here

Adults $28.50
Children $21.50
Concession $25.50
Family (2 adults, 2 kids) $76.50

IMG_5904 (2)

Missy Moo and I give Lights by DreamWorks a 9/10! Was super fun, if a little bit hot and sticky. Check it out this school holidays.

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And finally just a few more snaps

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