The Little Village Play Café

33 The Mall
Croydon South 3136

Tucked away in an unassuming shopping strip in Croydon is The Little Village Play Café. This café is a preschool parents paradise, somewhere to enjoy a coffee while the little ones explore the “village” freely.

Take a little tour here

Unlike a traditional “play centre” The Little Village Play Café promotes imaginative role play throughout the play areas, rather than predominately gross motor skills found at play centres. There are no slides or trampolines here, but something much more organic and interesting…. your child’s imagination! Ok….that sounds cheesy, but it really is true.

20170324_110408 (2)

Do you have a little doctor at home? A mini mum? A fireman? Some who loves dress ups? A shopper? A builder? Well, they are going to have a ball.


Let’s talk about the good bits.

The play spaces.
The play area is separated into mini shops to form a village (hence the name of the café). Within the village you will find a firetruck, tool shed, hospital/mothercraft area, reading space, home kitchen, dress ups, a grocery store, and a post office. Each area was well stocked with bits and pieces to really enhance the role playing. Loved it!

20170324_112715 (2)

Yep, everything was clean. No sticky toys, no yuck random things in the toy boxes. Everything appeared to be in good condition. I felt very comfortable with Missy Moo having free range in the village.


Café food was quick, delicious and well priced. Coffee was also excellent and the babychino went down a treat!IMG_5758 (2)

The toilets!
Amen to these toilets! The had a sliding door that was heavy and automatically shut…so no chance kids will try to run into the bathroom to play. There was a nice change table, and (my favourite) a toddler seat to go on top of the toilet. Please add in a stool so kids can reach the sink and it is the perfect pee experience, haha.

Baby area.
I love there was a pre walkers style area. I especially liked that this was closest to the tables so parents could easily coffee and supervise the younger ones.


Supporting ethical trade.
Around the shop are various clothes, bags, accessories for sale which have all been made ethically. How wonderful is that!


There was only one very minor area for improvement that I noticed….

Where’s my serviettes?
Soon after we arrived Missy Moo spilled her water on the table…but there were no serviettes to be seen. This was a bit annoying and would be much better if they were on the table, or easily within reach. Perhaps wall mounted dispensers even? I’m sure had we asked we could have got some, but mid mess management sometimes you don’t want to have to get up and leave your table at all.

Other things to note.
It was quite noisy when we visited, I think it is just the acoustics of the café. Not the end of the world but something to be mindful of. Lunchtime was much quieter than in the morning.

20170324_113012 (2)

The costs.
Under 12m are free
12mth plus $6.50
or $15 for three or more children per family.

Overall we had a really lovely time at The Little Village Play Café and would rate it 9.5/10! It is a popular place so if you can try to book in advance via their facebook page or phone them on 8288 2580.

Lucky us, the lovely ladies at The Little Village Play Café have given me a double pass to give away to one of my followers! That includes entry for 2 children to play, and for 2 coffees…the perfect play date. To enter simply find the post on the Anyday Adventures facebook page and tell me which play area in the village you think your child would like the best.

Have you been to a great play café before? Leave a comment below and let me know your favourite place to have a babychino and a play!


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