Sunny Ridge (share your adventure)

244 Shands rd,
Main Ridge
Vic 3928

This shared adventure comes from Melbourne mum of one Natalie. Nat is a stay at home mum who was living in the UK when she fell pregnant with her daughter. She went on to have her daughter Tiff in London, before deciding Australia was the place she wanted to raise her family. Now back in Melbourne she enjoys getting out and about and enjoying the sunshine. Here’s her story about their adventure to Sunny Ridge.

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Sunny ridge strawberry farm is up near Redhill and has a cafe, shop and of course the u-pick novelty where you have the satisfaction of picking your own juicy red strawberries. This is a fun activity for kids and of course a great opportunity to teach kids where strawberries come from. The whole process of picking strawberries, washing them and eating them is satisfying for both adults and kids alike!

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We went on the weekend, Tiff (2 years old), my husband and I and we even made a game out of it – who could pick the biggest juiciest reddest berries! The husband was hopeless at it of course and Tiff surprisingly amazed me with her ability to find the best strawberries hidden in the greenest of bushes!

The good bits.

It was only $9 per adult and you get a punnet to fill-up with as many strawberries as you can fit. Kids under 4 are FREE and the guy still gave Tiff a little punnet for her to fill up.

Fun family activity.
We all had a great day out, and I think it was definitely worth a day out in the sun picking and eating strawberries.

The shop and café looked amazing too but because we went on the weekend it was super busy and we couldn’t get a seat at the café unfortunately. But it was great to know coffee was near by.

544026_10151314961360983_1812017081_n (2)

Areas for improvement.

None! However, I would advise avoiding the weekend because of how busy it is. I would love to go back during the week when it’s quieter and enjoy lunch at the café next time.

Nat’s top tips…
I would also advise bringing a bottle of water to wash the strawberries that you pick before eating. If you have a toddler like me that LOVES strawberries then they won’t want to wait to eat them and strawberries (well just about all fruit and veg these days) are sprayed with pesticides etc.

Adults $9 – includes 500gm strawberries
Children 4-12 years $4 – includes 250gm strawberries
Children under 4 years FREE
Family $22 – includes 2 adults & 2 children

17176165_10155051668809664_960944195_o (2)

I’d give it a 10/10 and can’t wait to visit again soon…hopefully on a weekday this time!

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us Natalie, it sounds like Sunny Ridge would be a really fun day out.

Would you like to share an adventure you have had with your kids? It’s easy. Just follow the link below to find out more…

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