Seville Water Play Park

20-28 Monbulk-Seville Road, 
, VIC  3139

A hidden treasure up in the hills is the Seville Water Play Park. If you haven’t heard of this gem, you really have to visit. You see, the water park is an old converted town swimming pool that was filled in and made amazing! It is free, open 24 hours and day, and the water is user initiated (which the kids love) so it isn’t jetting away all night long. I have read that the water will be turned off for Winter on April 30th 2017, so try to get down there over the next 6 weeks if you can.

20170315_155429 (2)

At the same location is a decent sized playground with everything you would need, toilets, and a Woolworths and a few shops just across the road (coffee is not too far away, I promise).


Let’s talk about specificis…. the good bits!

It’s a fantastic play area to be found by the side of the road, and quite the rarity within Melbourne generally. There is ample parking (also free), and you can easily pack a picnic lunch as there is plenty of greenery to chuck a rug on and relax. A great inexpensive day out.

I love that the water is operated, or at least started, by the user. This is great both from a environmental point of view, and that it is simply much more engaging. To start the water you stand on the black part of the flower. It later turns off on by itself. There are two flowers, each operating one end of the water park.


There are a couple of shaded huts, and plenty of shade under the trees.

20170315_161347 (2)
Shady hut by the water. Caution…you will still get wet sitting there.

High powered.
These jets are super fun; intense, high and powerful. Not to be confused with a gentle spray, these jets mean serious business. You will get wet…very wet. The nature of the powerful jets really helps to make this activity appeal to bigger kids too (and probably dare devil parents). I have visited twice and both times have seen teens having a great time (non sulky teens….in the wild…amazing!).


The playground is super cool. Containing in-ground mini trampolines, a ride on tractor, a small wooden maze, giant sand pit, giant rope cone of nausea, BBQs, and a 5 way swing for all you guys with many kids. Here’s a bit of playground spam…

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Areas for improvement.

The toilet block is present, but very old and run down. I hope that in time the council updates these, as something more modern will be needed for such a great attraction.

Not great for little kids/scaredy cats.
Within the water area there are jets up and down the entire play space. Missy Moo got a bit nervous about the high powered jets, but loves water play. She found it tricky to enjoy the water because she was constantly dodging the jets. You know your child, if they are scared or anxious around showers or jets of water I’d give this a miss. I’d love to see the council add in a small wading pool with smaller, more toddler friendly “softer” jets of water.


Overall I would rate Seville Water Play Park as an 8/10. The fact that it is free really helps to outweigh the other negatives. Try it for yourself, before the long Winter is here.

Have you been to out to Seville? Want did you think? Leave me a comment below or join in the conversation on facebook.

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