Play School Concert – Prince of Bears

While many other children’s TV shows will come and go, one stands alone as the epitome of Australian Children’s television…Play School. Broadcasting for over 50 years on the ABC, Play School is the longest running Aussie kids TV show by a mile. I loved watching the show as I grew up, and it is lovely to spend that time watching Play School together with my daughter. So when I heard their yearly concert was coming to town I had no hesitation in getting us a couple of tickets.

20170316_110645 (2)Prince of Bears it the title of the 2017 touring Play School show, run by Kids Promotions Live. The show ran for a little under and hour and was very similar to watching a long Play School episode; just with a few small changes.

We saw the 10am show at Chelsea Town Hall in Victoria, which was sold out, but fortunately didn’t feel too crowded. Some of the venues are seated, but Chelsea is not. The set up included chairs all around the edges of the halls, and empty space to do all your wiggly woo dancing in the middle. We sat on the floor which was great for the kids to be able to move freely about…more kids concerts should be done this way. Big ticks!20170316_104344.jpgOur presenters were Alex Papps and Abi Tucker, who both did a stellar job. Both were incredibly enthusiastic, charming, funny and energetic. We met both briefly after the show too and they were just beautiful with the kids (and the parents).thisIMG_5602The show itself consisted of lots of songs, an easy to follow storyline, a few adult jokes chucked in, and lots of crowd participation… “Where’s Big Ted? I can’t see him. Do you know where he is?” you know, that sort of thing. The kids ate it up!

As the show came to a close we said goodbye to all our Play School friends and sang the theme song one more time. Also, a big shout of to Bill on the keyboard for doing a great job throughout the show.


After the show had ended we were lucky enough to meet both Alex and Abi! Most of the audience had left by this time, so it felt really special to tell them “great job!” in person. I must say, hats off to the team for what happened next. Abi noticed Missy Moo’s rainbow shoes, and said they were lovely. I thought this was a great opportunity to tell her about my blog, Anyday Adventures, and about the recurring hashtag #missymoosshoes. I asked for her help in taking a great shoe shot. And help she did! She got the security team onto it!

The team then went back stage and brought us out original Humpty, complete with cardboard box brick wall. I was so thrilled!

17349295_10154607476614094_1625321361_o (2)

So a quick summary…

The good bits….

Length of show, appropriateness of content, venue, presenters, staff, all fabulous! I could go on and on about how awesome everything was but I feel like I’ve summed it up already. The show itself was without fault!

Areas for improvement….

The ticket.
The ticket doesn’t actually say Play School on it! I would have preferred to be able to show my daughter a ticket with recognisable characters etc to help her understand what we were doing. Edit: After feeding this  back to Kids Promotions Live they will now be adding this to the tickets!

I cropped out the barcode, but otherwise this is it for a print at home ticket.

The seating.
Sitting on the ground was ok, but a heads up would have been nice. As you can see this wasn’t on the ticket, and there weren’t cushions etc. I think either providing cushions or at least recommending you might want to bring one could have been mentioned. I know this doesn’t apply to all venues, but it does to at least Chelsea. Edit: I have since found out this information could be found under the FAQ section of the Kids Promotion Live website.  So check there if you are unsure what a General Admission ticket involves. 

All in all we had a wonderful time at the Prince of Bears Play School concert and will definitely plan to see future Play School concerts. I would rate it 9.5/10

Thanks for a great show Alex, Abi and Bill on the keyboard. See you next time!

20170316_110657 (2)

Have you been the a Play School concert? What did you think? Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on facebook.

One thought on “Play School Concert – Prince of Bears

  1. Thanks so much for your review , we have taken your comments on board about the name on the tickets and we have added the words Play School in front of them.

    We do have on our FAQ page Under the heading “At the Concerts” info that states you can bring a cushion or rug for the general admission shows. We might look at putting this on the Tax Invoice we will chat to our IT team over this.

    Thanks again for such a lovely vibrant review we are so glad you had a great time.

    Kind Regards Admin Team @kidspromotions.


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