Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium (Share your adventure)

Flinders Street and King Street,

It’s Wednesday, time to share another exciting adventure. This week I had a chat with Amy about her visit to the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. Amy is a mum of one, a primary teacher, a fairy gardener and an ambitious crafter. She works part time so on her days off she likes to get out and about and make memories with her daughter, B. Here’s what she had to say about her family day trip to the aquarium. img_4861

We decided to visit the Aquarium… well this is embarrassing… because Peppa Pig did!! B was watching an episode saying ‘Aquar-iair-ium’ and I was excited to explain that we had one that we could visit too!

The good bits.

Hands on stuff.
We got to touch shells, pat starfish! Sit on a replica crocodile, colour an aquatic animal and get it scanned and watch it swim on the wall!! IMG_4873 (2).JPG

Clearly labelled pathways.
The signs were easy to read and kept the traffic heading in one direction. This really helped with crowding and meant that we wouldn’t accidentally miss anything. 

The penguins.
Freaking adorable way to finish our visit! Nice big enclosure so everyone can see! 

Areas for improvement.

If you are spending $$ then you want to spend a fair amount of time enjoying the aquarium. Unfortunately I felt that there were very few places to stop and sit and take it all in, so you are forced to keep walking. img_4859

Ok.. let’s talk cost. Bear with me, it can get a bit confusing. 

Here’s the standard ticket pricing. Flexi ticket means you can buy it online as a voucher and the ticket is valid for 12 months from purchase date.untitleda

Ok…want it cheaper? You ALWAYS save at least 10% when you book the Online Saver ticket online, including on same day purchases AND weekends! This ticket varies in price depending on the date and time you choose.


Still want it cheaper? And with free coffee? Go Monday to Friday! Bargain!untitled

But wait…there’s more!

Use a voucher from Small ideas for buy 1 get 1 free. That’s what we did. Toddlers were free!! So $41.60 for all 3 of us!!

Or the Entertainment Book has buy 1 get 1 free too. img_4885

We would absolutely go and visit again – for the toddler entertainment venue and to sit in the massive open area of the aquarium (with fish all around you)- I could sit there for hours and hours! I give it a 8/10! And we got a few hours break from Peppa Pig…bonus!img_4858

Thanks for sharing your adventure Amy! Looks like a fun day out…and I’m definitely going to go for the free coffee Monday-Friday!

Would you like to share your adventure? Click here to tell me all about it.

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