Boneo Maze & Mini Golf

695 Limestone Road,
Victoria 3939

Have you heard of Boneo Maze & Mini golf? It’s down the bottom of the Mornington Peninsula just out of Rye, and somewhere I hadn’t been to before. Fortunately for myself and Missy Moo, we were invited down for a little meet up with other local bloggers so we could all check out Boneo Maze & Mini Golf together (while the kids went wild). I must say, it was way more exciting and interesting than I realised, and definitely a place I plan to return to again. 20170303_121649The good bits.

The café!
Before we entered the grounds we (of course) had to grab our obligatory coffee and babychino. We also indulged in an epic morning tea including THE BEST caramel slice I have ever eaten.

So rich and decadent….or in other words freaking amazing!

Even if you don’t have children, even if you’re not local, make a trip down here for the food and the serenity. It would even be an excellent place for a business meeting, with great catering and coffee available. If you do have children though, you can let them loose in the jumping castle while you soak up the atmosphere. 20170303_105426They cater to all diets and did a mean gluten free cake too. Seriously just visit for the food…it’s fabulous! img_5339img_5335Lantasia Dreaming.
Based on the Aboriginal Dreamtime, Lantasia is a series of illuminated lanterns/sculptures telling various stories from Australian Aboriginal Mythology.

“Lantasia Dreaming represents the beginning of knowledge and the world’s creation as understood by the traditional indigenous land owners” – Boneo Maze & Mini Golf.

Tiddalick the frog (if you don’t know Tiddalick, it’s one of the most commonly told indigenous stories taught to Australian children. At least I think it is…)

If you know all about the Dreamtime, you’ll really love the collection; but even if you don’t know anything about the it (my hubby is from the UK so has no idea!) the whole thing is still very pretty and there are signs to help you learn the stories as you go.

You can walk through the exhibit during the day, but at night it truly comes to life. It is open from 6-10pm Friday and Saturday and during School Holidays (March 31st-April 15th) is will be open every night, as well as ANZAC long weekend (21st-25th April). bird-lantasia

Night photos courtesy of Boneo Maze & Mini Golf

Vintage vibes.
Can’t think of a better way to describe it, but visiting Boneo Maze & Mini Golf is like going back in time. There are old school games, quiet picnic spots, and just feels really wholesome. I just adored the old school games, and just that feeling of simplicity.


Great picnic locations.
There were lots of shaded places to eat, and BYO food is encouraged. Imagine having lunch in this? img_5362

The Mazes.
There were a few different mazes for adults and children alike. Missy Moo enjoyed the shorter hedge maze..the perfect height for her. Can you spot her in the maze? img_5364Other attractions.
There is a heap more at Boneo that we didn’t see today (but we will another day). Mini golf, the Adventure Zone featuring peddle boats, climbing wall and bungy trampolines as well as some more of the nature walks. Plenty to fill an entire day.

Areas for improvement.
There’s really not a lot to improve on to be honest. Boneo Maze & Mini Golf definitely has a bit of an old school vibe, so some areas might come across a little dated or worn. I feel though that this really adds to the charm of the whole place, but if you’re looking for shiny and new…well… you might be disappointed.
20170303_121329 (2).jpgSo let’s talk costs…. (taken from website, correct at time of publishing)

Maze Prices

Adults: $18
Children: $15 (3-18y)
Seniors: $16
Family: $60

Rates are for maze, mini golf and garden entry only. Add $5 per ride for adventure zone activities, or purchase an unlimited 2h pass for only $15!

Want to get it cheaper?

Small Ideas.
Get 2 tickets for the price of one.

You’ll sometimes find specials on Groupon, dealsextra etc

Consider a Season Pass too… $50 for an adult, or $40 for a child. gardensoverview.jpg
We both had a great time, and can’t stress enough just how amazing the Caramel slice was. So…. Caramel slice 10/10, Boneo Maze & Mini Golf 8/10. See you again soon.

Have you been to Boneo before? What was your favourite part? Drop me a comment below or join in the conversation on facebook.

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