The Messy Shed

1 Watt Road,
Vic 3931

Grab your apron…it is about to get messy!

Missy Moo and I are big fans of The Messy Shed and have been going regularly since Missy Moo could walk. This year has brought about a few changes (including a new location), so we have been hanging for a visit to check it out….and we were not disappointed!

img_52122017 saw the Messy Shed move locations to Watt Road in Mornington to take over an old suburban playcentre. With a little rejigging of space they have made a great area combining the messy play we had come to know and love, with a large included indoor play area! There’s even a café.

See a sneaky playcentre in the background?
Ta da!

Prior to arriving, I was a little concerned that Missy Moo would try to move between the messy area and the play area, but I needn’t have been concerned. The two sections were well separated with really no obvious way for a child to move between them without help…phew!

Free for all painting…love it!

The good bits.

Great range of activities.
We visited during creepy crawly week, and there was lots to do. Painting, playdough, melting ice, a spider web to crawl through, green worms to squish and many other bits and pieces. The session lasted for 45 minutes which I felt was a good length of time to enjoy each play space thoroughly.

img_5161img_5158The amazing table of glue.
Yep, it is exactly that! You might have seen walls with layer upon layer of paint? Well this is layer upon layer of glue. I loved it!!


Take home craft.
There’s a little corner of boxes and random bits of stuff to make your own masterpiece. I do love a bit of take home craftiness to show off to the husband!

The facilities.
The on site café was FAST and the food was tasty. I couldn’t fault it at all. We ordered a kids “yumbox” ($9) and a pulled pork focaccia ($12), and both were delicious. We had our food about in about 8 minutes from ordering. Bonus points for presentation too, I love a cute lunch box! Toilets were clean, high chairs a plenty and staff were friendly too.

Attached playcentre.
Was great to be able to finish our messy session and not have to go straight home. The soft play area was divided into big kids (pictured earlier) and little kids and easily had enough to keep my daughter satisfied.

The toddler play space

Areas for improvement.

Short kid problems.
Missy Moo is a shorty,  and I recently found out on the 10th percentile for a 2 year old… so she’s little (so am I!). Anyway, a couple of the activities at the Messy Shed were just a bit too tall for her. This might not matter to all children, but new walkers might struggle a bit. There were plenty of things she could reach though, so wasn’t the end of the world. img_5192img_5195img_5159

The Playcentre.
I spoke to the owner of the Messy Shed, Claire, who tells me there are “big plans” for the playcentre part of the complex. Currently the soft play area is a little run down. Specifically, she tells me there has been money set aside to help tidy it up over the next 12 months, so that’s great. Think of it as a fun addition to your messy play experience and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It was very clean (I had a good crawl through it), but is ripped and torn in some places, purely just showing its age. Given the Messy Shed has only recently acquired this playcentre I’m not going to hold it against them, but it wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t mention it. Don’t want to play there? No worries…it is a separate cost anyway (although discounted if doing both messy play and playcentre together).


So overall, a pretty great place!

Let’s talk costs….

They also do birthday party packages if you are so inclined.

Missy Moo and I thoroughly enjoyed The Messy Shed at the new location in Mornington, and hope to visit again soon. I would give it an 8/10, and eagerly await whatever new changes might be coming up for The Messy Shed later in the year.


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