A Little Fairy Adventure

I love the imagination of children; it is just such a special and magical part of their little personality. Since having a “Tutu Party” recently for her 2nd birthday Missy Moo has wanted to wear a tutu nearly everyday. For whatever reason she has made the leap from tutus to fairy wings, and loves to wear her wings around the house as much as possible. I’m not really sure she even knows what a fairy is, but she will. After all…I believe in fairies!

Have you ever wondered about the world that lies behind a fairy door?  It is a magic place protected by a spell that keeps it hidden from almost everyone. Though Fairies and Elves regularly wander into our homes, only a few children have ever been able to have a peek into their world. Those who did have shared some amazing stories… ”

Well word of Missy Moo’s love of fairies must have travelled through to the Fairy Kingdom, because wouldn’t you know it just this week a fairy door arrived from The Fairy Door Store, just for her.


I was pretty excited to get this magical door set up for her, but had to think about the best way to use it for a toddler, well my toddler anyway. Often you see fairy doors attached straight to the wall, but I felt that my little miss would almost certainly pull it down (even if not immediately). I opted for a door within a shadow box in the end, so it could go onto the wall, but easily come down to be played with. I’m pretty chuffed with the end result. Keep reading to find out how I made it.

Want to make a fairy door? Of course you do.

Here’s what you’ll need.
1) A fairy door kit from The Fairy Door Store.
There are lots of different colours to choose from, a few variations between accessories and even some elf and pirate themed doors if your child doesn’t believe in fairy magic.

2. A shadow box photo frame.
I used this $10 one from Kmart and the sizing is perfect, really can’t beat that price either. 42279280-1-f

3. Scrapbooking paper.
You can buy this in single pages at Spotlight or any good craft store for a few dollars. Wrapping paper would work fine too, you just have to cut it…and who has time for that? Scrapbooking paper is usually a thickish cardstock in a pretty pattern already cut to exactly the size to fit the frame….perfect!

4. Something for sticking!
Glue, double sided tape or some other sticky crafting fabulous! The door is pretty light so I found double sided tape worked fine.

5. Anything else you want to add for a bit of WOW factor.
I had this bunting left over in my crafting supplies (originally from Typo, and a similar one currently on special for $4.89). You could make this easily with some card stock, neat handwriting and a bit of time though too.


Then it was really just a case of sticking it all together. I took the glass out of the frame and popped by scrapbooking paper in. Then I arranged the elements in a way that looked great. The bunting is threaded through the frame and then glued down. So far, it feels pretty secure. Missy Moo’s fairy door does actually open when not attached to the frame, but now it’s stuck down it can only be opened by fairy magic!


The rest of the accessories you can see in the photo came with the door kit; that is the fencing, the tiniest boots ever, the mailbox and the miniature key… you know, so the fairies can open the door, right?

We also got a little pack of affirmation cards too, or “letters” from the fairies. These are super cute and I can’t wait until Missy Moo is just a little older to really get into them.


So that’s it really! Grab your bits and pieces and spend about an hour sticking it all together. I’m keeping our fairy door just a bit out of the way for now…as a decorative piece or for play under supervision.


Have you had fairies come to visit in your house? Do they live in the house, or do they have a magical fairy garden? Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on facebook.

For more information on the Fairy Door Store, check them out on facebook, Instagram @thefairydoorstore, or on their website.


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One thought on “A Little Fairy Adventure

  1. This looks so beautiful. I remember my mum showing me the fairy trees when I was little and my imagination always used to run wild what was behind the door! So lovely you made this! I’m going to try it for my 4 year old.


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