Queenland Art Gallery of Modern Art (Share your adventure)


Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct,
South Bank,
Brisbane, Queensland

It’s Wednesday, time to share another lovely adventure. This week I spoke to Alana about her visit to Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art. Alana is a mum of one, who is an ass kicking inspiration to me and many others. We both have daughters who are only a few weeks apart, and while I’ve been spending motherhood drinking lattes, Alana has gone and lost 55kg! In doing so she is now a super active mum and loves adventuring out and about with her daughter, Tilly.

Here’s Alana and Tilly’s adventure!


A few weeks ago I headed to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art with my daughter and my husband Jay. Our plans for the day were cancelled due to wet weather, and hubby suggested we check out GOMA. He had been recently and was convinced our daughter would enjoy the child-friendly exhibits. Turns out GOMA It was the perfect plan B, and we all had a fantastic time. I would highly encourage any other Brissie families to go and check it out.


The good stuff.

Child friendly exhibits.
There are plenty of child-friendly interactive exhibits, including “Enchanted spaces” where you can trace designs over a backlit desk, “Mirror Mirror” where you can decorate a colourful wig shape and proudly wear it around the gallery afterwards, and “nerves cape”, which my 2 year old daughter dubbed “fuzzy colour”, a vibrant, colourful wall of synthetic hair.

Facilities and staff were excellent.
The check in clock room is helpful so you can enjoy the art without lugging all your possessions around, and the staff member was very kind, checking in my daughters leaf at her request. (Haha, that’s too funny Alana!)

Ideal for a picnic.
There are some gorgeous, shady spots to enjoy a picnic beside the GOMA building.

The coffee is delicious!

Extra bits.
Before you go be sure to have a look at the gallery’s website, there is a lot of online interactive games for kids as well as craft activities to do at home.

As for the cost, it is free! You really can’t beat that. 16879983_10154976830392158_1730897896_o-copy

There is more than enough to warrant another visit, especially given the amazing coffee on hand and the ever-changing art installations. The friendly, engaged and accommodating staff will see us return again soon!I couldn’t find any fault with our visit to the gallery, and rate it 10/10!

Thanks for sharing Alana, GOMA sounds really awesome. I wish I had known when I was in Queensland a few weeks ago! If you want to follow along with Alana’s adventures (weight loss or galleries…whatever takes your fancy) you’ll find her on Instagram @sleevinlavidaloca

If you’d like to share one your adventures click here… I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve been up to.


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