My favourite 3 ways to make money in your pyjamas, drinking wine, on the couch

I’m a stay at home mum, with a one child, a husband, a mortgage and 2 dogs. I do odd jobs here and there to bring in a little bit of “fun money”, which largely funds the adventures that Missy Moo and I go on together. Here are a few ways I make money in my pyjamas.

  1. Voxpopme app

This app is so easy to use and actually pays out. It involves you filming selfie video responses to questions. I just earnt $1 a few minutes ago for answering “Tell us about a good in store retail experience you had”. A few minutes after filming I had confirmation my answer was accepted and $1 went into my account. I call this app my coffee fund. I make about $5 a week from it, and I can cash out through paypal when I get to $20AU.

Better yet if a friend refers you (we’re friends right?) they get a bonus dollar and so do you. Here’s my invitation to you…you’ll get your bonus $1 after your first video is submitted and accepted.


2. Sell stuff….baby stuff or just anything.
Buy, swap, sell sites are like crack for some mums (myself included). Look around at some of those baby items you no longer need and get rid of them. You can always re-buy (through a buy, swap, sell group of course) if you go onto have more children and desperately need that item back. Post at 1am if you want, there’s bound to be other mums awake (possibly sleep deprived) dying for a bargain. If you’re not on any of these sites through facebook ask your local mum friends. You are better in a local group to save on shipping costs and the hassle of posting. If in doubt of what to sell… bonds baby clothing (zippies!) are a good place to start. Baby sleepers on the clothesline, studio isolated on white.

3. Start blogging.
Ok.. you probably won’t make millions, in fact I probably won’t either and that’s perfectly ok. I blog because I love the creative writing and the fun of photography. That said, there are some pretty great mum bloggers out there earning the big coin…I bet you follow some of them too. Constance Hall, the Milk Meg, and Stay Strong Mummy are a few I follow. Sure…these women get off the couch and do other things besides write about it, but blogging and social media is a big part of how they make their big bucks.

We can dream…right?

Know any other ways to make cash on the couch? Leave me a comment below or on join in the chat on facebook.

6 thoughts on “My favourite 3 ways to make money in your pyjamas, drinking wine, on the couch

  1. So love the selling on of kids stuff! It’s a two way street because I have bought my girl so many great things from other local mums. They get used for 6 months and sold on at basically the same it cost me to buy.

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    1. I don’t least not yet. Maybe one day. Lots of bloggers sell advertising space on their blogs to make a bit of cash, but there’s lots of ways to potentially earn money. Blogging is more just a hobby for me. If I occasionally get a free ticket to something fun for Missy Moo then that’s a great bonus!


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