Carrum Beach and Playground

15 Old Post Office Lane,
Carrum Victoria

Beach + playground + sunshine = perfection!

Carrum is a beachside town on your way to Frankston, but not quite so far. Easily accessible from public transport or only 10 minutes off Eastlink, this little playground deserves a visit.

(Just letting you know, my pictures don’t do it justice. Check out my video here )


This cute little playground has all the essentials, plus some great extras. With the nearby cafes you can easily spend a good few hours here in Carrum.

The good stuff.

Playground with extras.
By extras I mean toilets, BBQs, fencing (not fully fenced but fencing that keeps toddlers out of the car park area) and rainbow umbrellas for shade. Some nice little nods to its beachside element too with a lighthouse to climb, and some beachy themed chairs.

Missy Moo loved snacking inside the little “cubby” under the lighthouse.

The Beach.
This playground is built right onto the beach. You can enjoy the playground for a while, then just a few steps away you can chase the seagulls. The beach is very clean, flat and safe…perfect for kids.


I love a playground that has sand and not tanbark; we played barefoot for hours. I don’t know why but I just seem instantly more relaxed somehow  when I take my shoes off and have my feet in the sand…maybe it’s just me. She seemed pretty happy about having her toes buried in the sand too.


Areas for improvement.

This was THE WORST parking set up I have ever seen and it had changed for the worse since I had last visited. There is this sign when you turn up to assist you with parking. The ticket machine is still there but no longer in operation.


So, to park I had to call this number (option 1). It then took me to an (obviously overseas) call centre to register my details. I think it probably took 10 minutes to set up, which included some personal details, my car rego, and credit card details. This phone call was made harder because Missy Moo just wanted to steal the phone from my hands, or take all the cards out of my wallet. As there is open water near by I didn’t feel I could just put her down while I dealt with the phone call either. The friend I was meeting there had a similar struggle.

I believe if you already had set this up with the app  it might have been smooth sailing, but I hadn’t so it wasn’t. Learn from my mistake, if you visit get the above app before you go (option 2).


Overall, Carrum beach playground is excellent, and I highly recommend you check it out. I give it a 9/10 only losing a point because parking isn’t free and it certainly wasn’t easy.


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