A million photos on your phone? Feeling overwhelmed? Read on

When you start having kids your phone just starts filling with photos, or at least mine did. Selfies, videos, screenshots and of course photos of my daughter. When you start adventuring out and about (#anydayadventures), watch that volume of photos go through the roof.

The thing is, I love taking photos and showing them off, beyond just the “likes” on Facebook. I really love a photo in my hand, something tangible to look at, but sometimes it can get overwhelming when you just have so many.

I also often get nervous about losing or damaging my phone, or Missy Moo doing some kind of toddler crazy to it (I don’t even want to image). So the pressure to get my photos somewhere in the “real world” is frequently on my mind. If you’re like me and this can stress you out…keep reading for my favourite ideas for using your phone’s photos.


Here’s a few ways I like to get photos off my phone and into my house.

1. Snapfish app (FREE)

iPhone and Android https://www.snapfish.com.au/store/mobile-app


This app is great, I simply love it.

The Snapfish app lets you select photos from your phone to get printed and sent to your house. You can do it while wearing pyjamas, perfect! Even better you get the first 50 photos per month for free…just pay $2.95 for postage and handling. If you want more than 50 photos, that’s fine too, you just pay the difference. But why would you when you can get another 50 free next month?

I used the Snapfish app a heap when Missy Moo was a baby, and I figured everyone wanted a tonne of photos of her on their fridge (perhaps in hindsight it was only me?). I also got photos printed for my daughter to play with too. She loves looking at places we’ve been, pictures of friends and family. I find the photos are also a great tool in preparing her for the day ahead. “We’re off to see Charlie today” while showing her a photo or 2 of her and Charlie together. She really likes her photo collection, and at that price I don’t even mind if she scrunches them up.

2. Chatbooks

iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/chatbooks-inc./id542523202
Android https://chatbooks.com/download-the-app/



So if you want to skip the “photo” stage and jump straight into printed books Chatbooks is what you’ve been waiting for. Essentially you set it up to make automatic books from your Facebook or instagram accounts or from your phone favourites. Then, every 60 photos, you’ll have the option to print off a book. If, like me, you’ve occasionally filled your newsfeed with non-album worthy pictures (hello mum wine meme), don’t worry, you get the option to change the order and take out photos you don’t want before it prints.

Watch their super funny video to have it explained a bit better.

I’ve seen these books in the flesh and they’re really great quality. They start from $8 (US) so once you add in conversion and shipping they are about $20. Still worth it for the ease of process I reckon.


3. Actual photo books

So if you want a little more customization, you can’t go passed photo books that you make yourself. I like snapfish and photobox for their ease of use and price point (never pay full price, you can often get 50-75% off if you use a discount code found easily online).



Now, it might seem overwhelming at first, so just start small. Maybe try to make one of your next adventure? Day at the zoo? A birthday party?

Most photo books online will let you upload a bunch of photos, click autofill, then you’re good to go. Try it with a small project, you might be surprised.


So there you go, a couple of ideas to get your photos in your hot little hands. Give it a try, you will feel so accomplished, I promise. You can even treat yourself to a glass of wine…in your pyjamas.


What are some other ways you get photos off your phone? Leave me a comment below or join the conversion on Facebook

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