Paint a Pot in Narre Warren

4/1 Vesper Dr,
Narre Warren VIC 3805

We discovered Paint a Pot back when Missy Moo was only 8 months old, and since then it’s a place we both love to go. It’s run by a mother-daughter team (with a few other staff to help too), and every time we go I feel so welcomed; there’s a real community vibe here. It’s set amongst some factories and can be easy to miss the first time you try to find it. IMG_3963_LI.jpg

Essentially, it is a place to paint ceramics. They have a vast array of mugs, plates, animals, dishes, teapots and really anything you might want to paint. The team there are always close by if you want or need a hand (my handwriting via paint is terrible, so I always get them to do that bit), and there’s plenty of colour choices, brushes, and special painting pens you can use to write with.


Once you have finished, your piece is put away and fired overnight, ready for collection the next day. It’s no hassle if you can’t pick it up for a while though, it will just sit and wait until you can pop back in.


Now that, in itself would be a fun outing, but the reasons I like this place are really nothing to do with painting at all….

The good stuff…

Soft play area.
There’s a small but adequate soft play area within the paint a pot facility. You need socks to use it, but if you forget (like I did today) you can buy some fetching blue ones for a couple of dollars. It contains a ball pit, a tunnel, 2 slides, and a few stairs. Kids seem to love it. For Missy Moo she likes to paint for 5 minutes, play for 5 minutes, eat for 5 minutes, paint for 5 minutes…repeat…


The food here is HOMEMADE!! Yes, you heard right. Homemade cakes, slices, muffins and even pies (they make them up fresh when you order in the pie maker behind the counter). The kids plate is excellent value for $5 and the coffee is always quick and delicious.


$5 kids plate! Choice between hot dogs and sandwiches.

Quite a few breastfeeding welcome here signs. As a mum of a near 2 year old who still asks for milk multiple times a day, I freaking love seeing those signs. There’s a cozy couch area too if you want to really coffee in comfort.

Clean, extra step so toddlers can reach the tap, and changing facilities. Ticks all round.

Lending library.
Should your kids be so enthralled by painting and soft play that you pick up a book, you are welcome to take it home! Just bring it back next time, or another to replace it when you pick up your artwork. Brilliant!


Overall we love this place; for gifts for others, or just for a bit of fun! I give it an 8/10, and we’ll be back for sure. Have you made some hand painted craft with your kids? How did it go? Tell me your story in the comments below.


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